Getting Fitted 

Our staff are fully trained to make sure you are fitted properly.  You can check whether your existing bra is the correct size for you by referring to a guide put together by Berlei, below.  Once you've checked the fit of your exisitng bra, you can follow the measuring guide and then get fitted online using the Berlei online size calculator.  Once you've done that, why not come down to Margarets to have our expert fitters confirm your bra size and supply you with your next perfectly fitting bra.


The body size of the bra is:

Too big if the back of the bra is riding up towards your neck



Too small if the back of the bra is cutting into your back and causing exaggerated bulging



The cups of the bra are:

Too small if they cut into your breast, if the centre front of the bra is sitting away from your body or if your breast is bulging over the top of the cup fitcheck3   Too big if they are wrinkling loose or if they are sitting very high at your underarm and cutting or chaffing your underarm fitcheck4



The underwire should fit completely around the base of the breast and sit flat against the torso. The whole of the breast must be fully encased in the bra cup. The wire should not sit on top of the breast at any point, especially at the sides or root of the bust.

Centre Front

The centre front should sit flat against the chest wall. This will only vary if you have a concave chest, where the centre front will never successfully sit flat against the chest.


The bra straps should be completely loosened when first putting on the bra, and adjusted only once the garment is on the body. The straps should rest firmly and comfortably on the shoulder without cutting into your skin. Straps should be adjusted enough to have the breasts lifted and sitting half way between the shoulder and the elbow. If the straps are too tight it will pull the back gore up and cause neck strain. If they are too loose they will slip off her shoulders and make the breast appear saggy.

Back Gore

The back gore should sit low, beneath the shoulder blades. A common mistake women make is to wear their bras very high up their back. This can result in a lack of support for the bra, body strain, and a saggy bustline. If it is too tight, it will cut into the body and cause severe indentations. Fasten the hook and eye in the middle.


How to determine what bra size you need

Step 1 - Bra Size


Measure around the body directly below the bust. Bra sizes go up every 5 centimetres, eg. 70cm = size 10, 75cm = size 12 etc.

It is important to remember to have a very FIRM, SNUG underbust measurement.


Step 2 - Cup Size


Measure across the fullest part of the bust.

Your cup size will be calculated by the difference between this measurement and the bra size measurement.



Berlei online size calculator